Executive Committee

Kelsey Schlortt & Courtney Engelhardt

1st Vice President/Programs:
Jacqueline Muncy 

2nd Vice President/Membership:
Amy Altamirano, Asli Wilke & Danielle Stowers

3rd Vice President/Mom2Mom:
Ashley Galloway & Tiffany McNeely


Jessica Lyssy


Monica Urias

Newsletter Editor:
Marcy Bridges

Haley Beam

Clothing and Equipment Sale
             Sally Parker & Krystle Gonzales

Parties and Events:
Jessica Lyssy & Amy Garcia

Catherine Hernandez


Standing Committee

CAES:  Nova Harmon, Blair Ortman Marcela Abrego de AlanĂ­s , Brooke Mills Bracke, Krystle Gonzalez, Janine Sirotiak, Ashley Strange, Melisha Cordoba 

Parties and Events Committee:  Jessica Henson Lyssy, Michelle P. Pina Theall, Marissa Tijerina

Bereavement/Counseling:  Jessica Lyssy

Helping Hands/NICU Support:  Jessica Lyssy, Ashley Strange

Hospitality: Amy Altamirano

Mom's Night Out (MNO): Jacqueline Muncy 

Super Twins Mom's Night Out: Brooke Bracke

Dad's Night Out:  Ed Altamirano

Family Day Out: Jessica Flores

Baby Playgroup: Tiffany McNeely 

Toddler Playgroup: Dana Boxmeyer 

Fun After Five: Courtney Engelhardt 

Publicity:  Andrea Torres

Ways and Means/Fundraising: Haley Beam

Social Media/Facebook: Andrea Torres

Nominating:  See Membership

State/National Representative:  Haley Beam and Courtney Englehardt

Convention:  Courtney Englehardt 

Historian: Danielle Stowers

Resource Chair: Vacant

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